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A big welcome to Rourie Thompson, the newest addition to the hospoIQ family.


Rourie has taken on the role of Product Manager for hospoIQ and will be handling all the sales, onboarding, account management and marketing from now on. He is your go-to-guy with anything hospoIQ related.

Rourie has come from a hospitality background as the operations manager for No.4 bar and the SAS hospitality group (Baretta, Empire and the Cuban) over the last 7 years. His experience managing multiple sites and the challenges that come with that makes him an ideal candidate to take the lead with our hospoIQ solution.

Rourie was our first customer through the Baretta Hospitality Company and has used the HospoIQ app ever since:

“HospoIQ for me, fulfils a number of key requirements for me to do the most efficient job possible in an Ops management role. It’s ability to display live sales data, on multiple devices, was the first thing I used on a day- to- day basis. Allowing me to know what all 3 businesses were doing in real time, from any location, was a game changer for me. Then as I delved more in to the detailed reports, I started using the wage cost reports to see what each venue’s projected wage cost would be for next week. This allowed me to be proactive in reducing wage costs based on smart projections and filter that down to my venue managers. The next major step for me was utilising hospoIQ at a duty manager level. This allowed them to easily keep track of their KPIs and spend/hour, making sure that they are running their shifts in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.”

New features of hospoIQ

Rourie has joined us at a perfect time as we are launching some really exciting new features. The Cash Up feature is designed to replace your existing cash up spreadsheet as well as also replace your duty manager’s log and communication book/sheet. It features fully customizable POS names and payment types and the ability for you to view and reconcile previous days cash ups, all in keeping with a simple clear format for your Duty Managers to complete. On top of this,it has sections for the senior team members on shift to record notes and a section for any general notes, incident reports and stock level concerns. This is all fed into our new “End of Night” report that gives you a detailed overview of the day for any owner/senior manager to review and for the next manager on shift to review. Featuring the day’s revenue (food/beverage split), wage cost % (Kitchen/Front of House split), lunch/dinner split, covers and average spend. As well as all your overall cash up variance data, non-cash sales and notes from the cash up function.

Get in touch with Rourie at Rourie@hospoiq.com and see how hospoIQ can work for you.

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