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What's new in hospoIQ - July 2019

We continue to make changes and improvements to the range of dashboards and reports provided, with the aim of enhancing your ability to make decisions driven by the information provided. In particular, we love getting direct feedback from customers on what changes they’d like to see and aim to incorporate those changes as soon as possible. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the key new changes and features.

Sales, Wage % and Gross Profit % Targets

By default, hospoIQ shows projections of sales based on your recent historic weekday pattern, same day last year and/or events in the calendar. However, we have increasing numbers of customers keen to set their own daily sales targets, as part of proactive planning (and the direct knowledge they have about their business), and use these instead of the projections. As such, we have now made Targets more prominent, now showing either Targets, if they have been set in the app, or otherwise Projections (ie, a ‘Target/Projected’ measure).

We have also now added the ability to set daily Wage % and Gross Profit % Targets. The Target Wage % is used to set whether actual or planned Wage % on the weekly dashboards shows green or red.

In addition, if you have Xero integrated with hospoIQ, you can make use of comparing your Wage % and Gross Profit % targets in the ‘Weekly Report’.

If you’d like to know more about how to set your own targets or get Xero integration and financial reports up and running, please check out our online help guides:



Sales and Payments Analysis Reports

Two new reports have been developed (which have also now replaced the previous ‘Average Weekday Sales’ and ‘Average Event Sales’ reports).

The ‘Sales Analysis’ report allows you to easily see both the total sales and the average hourly pattern, and drill into a specific Date Range, Category, Item, Weekday or even a particular Event from the calendar. For example, the report below has been filtered down to ‘Bar Meals’ on Fridays:

Similarly, the Payments Analysis Report allows you to see what types of payments (eg, cash, EFTPOS, Uber Eats, etc) make up the sales per day and on an average hourly basis. Below, the report has been filtered to look at Cash and EFTPOS sales only on a Friday.

If you have any suggested feedback or need help on any of the above, or have other enhancements or features you’d like to see, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at support@hospoiq.com .

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