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Report Configuration


To Change the way Tips are processed, select “Report Configuration” from the menu bar on the left side of the screen. Then select “Edit” on the site you which to change the settings for. This will then give you the option to set tips to be deducted from cash or not. Make sure to click “SAVE” when you have finished your changes.


Payment Types

You can add additional Payment Types by selecting the “Payment Types” option from the left side menu. From here you just need to select “Create New” from the top if the screen.

You can also Edit and Delete any Payment Types that you don’t want on the right side of the page.


Adding and Deleting Terminals

To add Terminals, select “Terminals” from the menu bar on the left. From here you have the option to Add a Terminal, Delete a Terminal or Hide a Terminal from the Cash Up report. Remember to hit “SAVE” when you have made your changes.