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So much more than what meets the eye!

Below are just a few of the great number of features and benefits you can gain from hospoIQ. Not only to save time and money in the future, but also make sound decisions based on data and improve the sustainability of your business

Live and Mobile

Track your daily performance and all the critical information you need to run your business with live sales data straight to your phone via our mobile app, visualised via one easy-to-access set of dashboards and reports.

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Weekly Dashboard.png

Plan for the Future

Plan this week and next with projected sales, setting your own sales targets and then ensuring staff rosters and wage costs align with your plan.

Essential Sales Insight

Know what your sales are by day/week/month, what you are selling the most of (and when) and which staff are the biggest sellers.

sales analysis v2.png
gp v2.png

We are a certified Xero Partner and provide two-way integration which includes a range of financial reports designed for hospitality. You can then gain a complete financial view of your business.

Cash Up

You can manage all your daily Cash Ups in hospoIQ through our app. 

wage v2a.png

Wage Cost

View your past, present and future wage costs are and measure them against sales or your sales projections.

Still have questions?

We are happy to help!

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