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What is the Event Calendar?

The Event Calendar is used by Sales Projections to determine whether a particular day is ‘normal’ (eg, look at other Fridays’ sales to determine this Friday’s sales), or a ‘special event’ (eg, this Friday is ‘Good Friday’, so look at previous years’ ‘Good Fridays’ to determine sales). When a particular day has an Event added to it in the calendar with a particular ‘Event Type’ (eg, ‘Good Friday’), it will look back to other historic days in the calendar with the same Event Type and use those days to determine sales demand (instead of looking at the same weekday).


Your site will already be pre-populated with Events from calendars for both your country (eg, ‘New Zealand’) and region (eg, ‘Canterbury’). 2IQ manages these calendars and your site's subscription to these calendars, on your behalf. However, you can then decide to add further events to the calendar which are specific to your site (eg, ‘Big DJ Night’).

How do I log in to the Event Calendar?

Login to the HospoIQ App from with your hospoIQ credentials.

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Event Calendar

How do I select the Calendar for my Site?

Once logged in, in the top left-hand corner of the HospoIQ App, select the site for the calendar you wish to view or edit. Once selected, you will see the calendar appear.

How do I add an Event to the Calendar?

To add an Event to the calendar, you can either click and drag from the list of Event Types (first start typing the name in Search to see refine the list of Event Types shown) to the left of the calendar.

Alternatively, click on the day you want to add an Event and a dialog box will appear to specify a name and Event Type for the event.

How do I delete an Event from the Calendar?

To delete an Event, simply click on the Event itself, and again the dialog box will appear; click on ‘Delete’.

How do I create Event Types?

To add your own Event Type, click the plus symbol on the left-hand side of the screen, type the Event Type name in the dialog box and click ‘Save’.

How do I edit Event Types?

To edit an Event Type, hover your mouse over it and click the pencil. Make the change required in the dialog box and click save. This will change all current events with this Event Type to the updated name.

How do I delete Event Types?

To delete an Event Type, hover your mouse over it and click the cross. Click Delete in the dialog box. 
Note: If the Event Type being deleted has events on the calendar, they will also be deleted.

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