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How do I access hospoIQ reports and dashboards?

Dashboards on mobile are accessible by downloading the Power BI app from your App Store. A greater range of reports are accessible via the Power BI Service through your browser of choice ( In both cases, you then need to login with the hospoIQ credentials provided to you. A step by step guide can be found here:

How do I see the best sellers per category group?

A visual (Quantity by Category and Item) is provided on all dashboards (eg, Today, Yesterday etc..) showing sales items, grouped by Category Group and Category, ordered from highest to lowest in terms of quantity. There is also the Highest Sellers report (go to the ‘Highest Sellers’ report tab) which allows you to choose the date range and also filter the data viewed.

Can we see individual staff sales for specific items or groups? (eg, who

sold the most sides, who sold the most desserts, who sold the most Coronas?)

The Sales by Staff report allows you to filter by staff, category group, category and item and then shows which staff members have sold the most. It also provides staff % of sales and average sales value. The Sales Insights report also allows you to view historic sales, highest sellers and top selling staff in a single report and perform cross-filtering.

How do we easily break down what are our busiest times are - food, beverage, and then

both together?

The Average Weekday Sales report shows the average sales per hour, split by food and beverage, and can be filtered by weekday, location, category group, category. The Average Event Sales report also allows you to view the same information, but instead filterable to particular special events (eg, ANZAC Day, Melbourne Cup Day).

Can we set our own sales targets and/or change projected revenue ourselves if it’s consistently under- or over-performing expectations?

You can set your own daily sales targets by site and location in the hospoIQ app. These default to the daily projection, but then allow you to override this and save your changes. These targets will then appear on all dashboards. A detailed guide can be found here:

How can I easily get the weekly target revenue for each week for the rest of the year? How do we get expected beverage/food split for those weekly targets? How do we see projected food revenue per day? (ie, so we know how much to order daily?)

The Forecast vs Actual Report shows projected/target revenue vs actual for the coming year, and also provides a projected food vs beverage split (by $ amount and %). You can also review the same information historically in the Historic Sales report.

Can we see how a future roster sits against expected revenue, including FOH vs Kitchen? How are salaried staff accounted for in this?

The Wage Costs - Daily report allows you to view actual or projected/target revenue against actual or rostered wage costs. You can then also filter by Department (ie, FOH vs Kitchen) and location. If salaried staff comes through as a particular type of ‘work group’ from your rostering system, you can then choose whether or not to include or exclude this from wage costs in hospoIQ and/or what Department to add it to. For further detail on this, you can refer to our help guide:

How can I cost my recipes? Is there a way to link COG to each item to show GP - 50L keg going to Pint, Glass, Half Pint (ie, recipes linked to menu items)?

The hospoIQ app enables you to record all purchases. You can build recipes for any menu item, including sale price, the various purchase items included and quantity required and have them automatically costed out for you, as well as the resulting GP. For example, a 50L keg would be entered as a ‘Purchase Item’ and then put as a line item into a Recipe with a given sub-quantity. A more detailed help guide for this can be found here:

How long does it take to setup?

Usually within a day. It simply requires the install of a small Windows service on your POS till or server (this can be done either via a download from the hospoIQ website and easy install process; or if we are provided TeamViewer access, the support team can do it for you). Reports and dashboards are then provided through Power BI.

What POS systems do we integrate with?

Currently Menumate, Wizbang (OneTap), SWIFTPOS, IdealPOS, ProTouch and Kounta. We are adding new integrations all the time based on customer demand, so please get in touch with us even if your POS isn't yet on the list and we can discuss potential options.

What rostering systems do we integrate with?

Currently goRoster, Deputy, FlexiTime, TimeFiler and WhenIWork. We are adding new integrations all the time based on customer demand, so please get in touch with us even if your rostering system isn't yet on the list and we can discuss potential options.

What financial systems do we integrate with?

Currently Xero. Integration can be two-way, providing automated daily sales invoices in Xero (ie, Cash and EFTPOS, split into Food and Beverage accounts) and pulling P&L data into hospoIQ reports to augment the reporting information. We are looking to add MYOB sometime soon.

How do the projections work?

Projections use a ‘machine learning’ algorithm which takes multiple factors into account to predict sales per hour and day. These factors include: weekday profile (eg, what does a typical Monday look like) using the last 12 weeks; the same day last year (52 weeks prior), and whether the day is a ‘special event’ (eg, Boxing Day, Regional Anniversary Day, etc)

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