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Mobile Install

Installing on an Android Device

  1. Open up the web browser on your Android Phone

  2. Navigate to

  3. Login in to your HospoIQ account. 

  4. When you have logged in to your HospoIQ account, you will be prompted with an 'Install HospoIQ' alert like the first image below.  Click the 'Add hospoIQ to Home Screen'.

5. You will then be prompted with another popup that can been seen in the image below. Click the 'Add' button with the red rectangle around it. Once this has been done, HospoIQ will have been added to your home screen and installed on your phone.




Installing on an Apple Device

  1. Open up the web browser on your Android Phone

  2. Navigate to

  3. Login in to your HospoIQ account. If you don't have a HospoIQ account, head over to our download page to get started!

4. When you have logged in to HospoIQ, click the button with a red outline around it.

5. You will then be prompted with a screen that looks similar to the image below. Scroll down and find 'Add to Home Screen', and press it. 

6. Once the above step is completed you will be presented with the screen below. Simply click add, the HospoIQ will be installed on your phone.

7. Once the above steps have been completed, HospoIQ will have been added to your home screen, just like the image below.

Using the App

The HospoIQ app allows you to view the following four reports on your mobile device no matter where you are:

  • Today

  • Yesterday

  • Last Week

  • This Week

If you have integrated your HospoIQ Account with Xero, you will be able to see these two additional reports for financial insights:

  • Last Month

  • This Month

Below is an image of the Today report. Simply scroll down like you would any other app or website to see additional information.

Finding your way around the app and opening different reports is easy. To open the navigation panel, simply find the icon circled in red and tap it.

You will see a menu that opens on the left hand side with all your reports and also the Calendar. For this example, if you clicking the "Next Week" link will open the Next Week report on screen.

You can also view your HospoIQ Calendar on the mobile App. In the navigation bar you will see Calendar listed below the reports. Clicking on the calendar page. If you have any events that day, they will show up there just like they would on the desktop version of HospoIQ.

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