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Connect to your goRoster Organisation

Browse to and login using your hospoIQ credentials.

From the home page, click the menu icon at the top left of the page, then Integrations:


From the ‘Manage Integrations’ page, click on ‘setup’ under the goRoster section:

Then click on the ‘Connect’ link for your site.

This will take you to goRoster's authentication page. Please login with your goRoster credentials:

Then tick the checkbox and choose ‘Next’:

You will then be provided a list of rosters that are linked to your goRoster account. Select all the rosters that link to the site you are setting up.

Once the connection has been enabled, you will be taken automatically to the Configure goRoster page where you will then decide which specific functionality you want activated between hospoIQ and goRoster, and how to configure this.


The ‘Roster Period Days’ is the number of days back and forward hospoIQ will receive your rosters from goRoster. It is recommended this is at least 14 days forward so you will see roster-based information for this week and next week.

Selecting ‘Use Roster for Clock Times’ will depend on whether or not you are using clock times from your POS or not. If so, leave this unchecked. Otherwise check the box and hospoIQ will populate clock times based on rosters from goRoster (ie, on the assumption that they are adjusted manually in retrospect when true start and end times for staff is known).

goRoster Integration

Run goRoster Now

(From the home page, click the menu item at the top left of the screen, then Integrations, (goRoster) Configure).​

If you wish to pull goRoster staff or rosters for a particular day (i.e, you just added rosters ahead a week and want to see the difference in your projection or have added a staff member and want to update hospoIQ), click on ‘Run Now’:


You can choose to Pull GoRoster Data Now for a number of days back and forward, and/or pull just goRoster staff:

Disconnect from goRoster

You can disconnect hospoIQ from your goRoster organisation at any time. From the home page, click the menu icon at the top left of the page, then Integrations, (goRoster) Configure, then click on ‘Disconnect’.

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