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Drilling Up and Down

The functionality of drilling up and down in a graph and table can be used with the majority of visuals in reports. Here it is explained in one example: The Sales by Category pie chart (available on most dashboards). 

Here is an image of what it looks like, when you hover over the visual with your mouse: 


What you can do, is drill up with the ‘up arrow’ button, in the top left-hand corner, and it will present you with a breakdown of what the sales were for food and beverage overall.


There are three options to drill down in this graph, ultimately getting more detailed information.

1.    Using the middle button on the top left, provides you with the next lower level hierarchy level.


2.    Using the right button on the top left, provides you with a concatenated breakdown (eg, ‘Food – Mains’) regarding what items belong to which category – food or beverages.


3.    Right click, while hovering over the visual itself, on the category you would like to drill into and select ‘Drill Down’ ; for example, in this instance, we drilled down into the beverage category

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