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Navigating Reports

At the top left of the page, there is a menu icon. Click this to open the main Navigation.

nav 1.png

Once the menu is open, you will see up to four different report categories. Each category has different links to reports depending on the category. For example, Wage Cost Reports will contain all reports that directly relate to Wage Costs.

To see what reports the category contains, simply click on one of the links that have an arrow to the right. The following example shows Wage Costs reports being expanded, thus showing the available reports in this category.

You can expand and collapse (open/close) these report categories at will, depending on how you want to navigate the website. Below is an example of having the Wage Cost Reports and Financial Reports expanded at the same time.

To view one of the reports in these categories, simply click the report you want (e.g. Wage Costs). This will open the report on the screen for you to view.

nav 3.png
menu - new (navigating reports).png
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