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The new and improved Cash Up is here!

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

One of hospoIQ’s great features is the ability to do your daily Cash Ups online, allowing for easier, more robust daily Cash Up management and reconciliations, with the added benefit of linking into your hospoIQ reporting. We are pleased to announce that the hospoIQ Cash Up has had a significant upgrade and is now available to use. The new and improved Cash Up has better performance as well as being easier to use, making your daily Cash Up process seamless and stress-free. A summary of these great new features are described below.

New Feature #1: Send cash variances from the Cash Up through to Xero

Are you spending hours reconciling Cash Up numbers kept in spreadsheets with your ongoing book-keeping? There's no need: hospoIQ can automate all of that for you by sending all net cash (now with the addition of cash variances based on cash counted vs. expected in the Cash Up) and EFTPOS payments from your Cash Up and POS data straight to Xero. From there its then easy to reconcile against your banking transactions.

New Feature #2: Addition of TAB and gaming terminals

If you’re a restaurant or bar who has TAB and gaming terminals you do not want to miss this! The new hospoIQ update now allows you to add any TAB and gaming terminals into your daily Cash Up. Why have multiple Cash Ups and reports for different terminals if you don’t have to! Sign up to hospoIQ today to include all your terminals in a single daily Cash Up, as well as then see the information in summarized end of night reporting.

New Feature #4: Ability to Cash Up and close off individual tills

Every restaurant or bar owner knows how time-consuming the close-up can be, but hospoIQ Cash Up will have you closing up in record time. The new update allows you to save and complete Cash Ups for each individual POS terminals within your restaurant/bar. This means that if you are starting to quieten down but you don’t close for a few hours you can begin closing down POS terminals that you are no longer using instead of having to wait to do them all together at the end of the night.

New Feature #3: Faster loading of the Cash Up page

Our updated Cash Up page has had some significant performance improvements and now loads in seconds, meaning you can input your data quicker and close up even sooner.

Feature 4. A new Daily Summary (that shows the Cash Up data for each individual terminal)

Have you ever wanted to compare individual terminals to one another to better understand how they perform? Well, now you can! The new Cash Up update shows Cash Up data and daily summaries for each individual terminal allowing for more accurate/in-depth decision making.

Another existing feature worth highlighting with Cash Ups is that it also includes a notes section where you can add important information from that shift/day (e.g., who was managing the shift, how did the shift go, were there any incidents, etc). This feature gives you the opportunity to cross-check the numbers with who was working that day, making it easier to pinpoint the reasoning behind why something went wrong or went well.


If you haven’t already signed up for hospoIQ this is your opportunity to do it right now! Our new updates makes cashing up with hospoIQ even easier than it was before. Allowing you to spend more time on running your business and working with customers. We can’t wait to hear about your experience with our new Cash Ups. Contact us with your feedback today.

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