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"It's all about having knowledge about my business at my fingertips" Sheena Hemens, Maison De Crepes


After much research, product testing and hard work, Maison de Crepes opened a temporary kiosk at ‘The Colombo’ in June 2016, and in February 2017, owner Sheena Hemens opened her first permanent creperie in Carlton Courts, Merivale, Christchurch, then in March 2019 opened her second creperie in the busy St Asaph Street.


We chatted with Sheena about her business, and the impact hospoIQ has had on it.

The challenge

“Before hospoIQ I didn’t know, for example, what my best sellers were, which products weren’t selling, how much it cost me to make things. Getting access to this info was problematic.”


Sheena was using spreadsheets, and taking info from the till to work out how many SKUs were selling per month. It was hours and hours of work.


“I couldn’t predict with accuracy which were going to be the busy times of day, or the busy days of the week. So, it was difficult to make business decisions as I didn’t have the info I needed.


The opportunity

“They were willing work with me, rather than being off the shelf package, I liked that it could be adapted and personalised.”


For Sheena, integrating hospoIQ was about having up-to-date knowledge at her fingertips.


“I met Craig and Andrae, and I was was taken with their passion for what they are doing, and the fact that it (hospoIQ) could be customised to my business. That was a really key aspect.”


Sheena really appreciated the level of personalisation afforded her through hospoIQ. Rather than settling for  an off-the-shelf package, she was able to customise our system to work the way she preferred.

The implementation

“Andrae is a bit of a genius. He manages to cope with digital luddites like me. Explaining things in layman’s terms.”


The system was up and running in a manner of minutes, which meant Sheena’s time was spent learning the ropes and customising her dashboard.


The result

“It has made me a better planner. Made the business more efficient. I’ve changed the menu based on the information.


Now, at any given time, Sheena can see what’s selling. At a press of a button she’s able to get a snapshot of the last 24 hours, the previous week, a month before, or a year in review.


“I feel all knowing. My staff rostering is much neater, more efficient. It would have been guesswork before. Now I don’t guess. I can see and anticipate staff needs.”


It’s easier for her to plan. Now, she can introduce new SKUs and then assess their success very simply.


“hospoIQ takes that information and makes it so simple.”


Sheena’s favourite thing about hospoIQ?

“I love the fact that it’s an app as well. So, I don’t always have to go to a browser and phaff about.”


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