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Connect to your Xero Organisation

Browse to and login using your hospoIQ credentials.

From the home page, open the main navigation by clicking the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen, Integrations:


From the ‘Manage Integrations’ page, click on ‘Configure’ under the Xero section:


Then click on the ‘Connect’ link for your site:

This will take you to Xero’s authentication page. Please login with your Xero credentials:


Then choose ‘Allow Access’:


Once the connection has been enabled, you will be taken automatically to the Choose Tracking Locations page. Here you can choose what Tracking Categories to enable. Importing Tracking categories can help to enhance the invoices the HospoIQ generates. If you are unsure about what categories you want to enable or disable, don't worry - this can be changed later and has no impact on your Invoices unless additional configuration has been set up.


Once you have done this, you will be taken automatically to the Configure Xero page where you will then decide which specific functionality you want to be activated between hospoIQ and Xero, and how to configure this.

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