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Run Xero Now

(From the home page, open main navigation by clicking the menu icon at the top left of the screen, Integrations, (Xero) Configure).

If you wish to generate Xero Invoices for a particular day (eg, you want invoices for today, or days prior to today), or you wish to re-pull profit and loss data (eg, you performed a reconciliation in Xero and hospoIQ doesn’t have that data), click on ‘Run Xero Now’:


From the Run Now screen, you will be presented with two options; Generate Invoices and import Profit & Loss Data.


Generate Xero Invoices


To generate an invoice, set the date you wish to create an invoice for and click 'Generate Invoices'. These invoices will appear instantly in your linked Xero account.


Import Profit & Loss Data


To manually import your Profit & Loss data, select the earliest date you wish to import from and click 'Import Profit & Loss'.

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