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hospoIQ is business intelligence for hospitality

Serving up smart data anywhere, anytime

hospoIQ provides real-time, historical and predictive sales, wage cost and financial information, delivered directly to your mobile phone or web browser. Regardless of what systems you use, it delivers ‘plug and play’ integration with your POS, rostering system and Xero in an instant.

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Insights anywhere, anytime



Know what your sales were, what they are right now and plan ahead with projected and/or target sales  

Wage Cost

Easily compare wage costs against sales and ensure rosters align with expected sales

Gross Profit

Monitor gross profit for both food and beverage


What others have to say

"Prior to using hospoIQ, we made our own reports on spreadsheets. Now we have timely reports which allow you to assess and plan your business, a key tool for any business."

Darrin Burgess 


"We are accessing it from different devices, it means all sorts of our people are trying it. They're excellent to deal with. They really try to understand our business. Professional with a customer focus"

Debbie Rosevear 


"Your tool and this report is truly powerful!

Sam Ragnarsson


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