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Frequently Asked Questions

When and how does the data sync work?

hospoIQ will sync with Xero on a daily basis. The Profit and Loss and Invoices (if enabled) import/upload will run at 5am by default. You can manually re-run these processes at any time by going into the hospoIQ app and clicking on 'Run Xero Now' on the Xero configuration page (see the 'Run Xero Now' help guide section).

What if the numbers are incorrect?

If amounts in invoices are incorrect, check that your Account and Invoice mappings are correct and that you have all your required Payment Types linked. This is done on the Xero -> Configure page. A common scenario is that a new Payment Type has appeared from your POS and requires mapping to the desired invoice. To check how to update this mapping, refer to our Configure help guide.

If measures in hospoIQ financial reports are incorrect, check that you have all Accounts mapped to the relevant measures on the Accounts page. In addition, if any changes have been made in Xero (eg, reconciliations), this may also be the cause of a discrepancy, and a manual sync of Xero data into hospoIQ may then be required (see 'Run Xero Now'), as the next automatic re-sync will not occur until the next morning. hospoIQ reports are also updating every couple of hours throughout the day, so once a manual re-sync is completed, the numbers may not update until the next report refresh. To check your mapping is correct, refer to our Configure help guide on how to check this.

What can't hospoIQ do with Xero?

Although hospoIQ and Xero can do a lot, there are always new avenues to explore like multiple currencies, employee and item management. If you want to request a new feature, contact us at

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