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Invoice Generation

(From the home page, open the main navigation by clicking the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen, Integrations, (Xero) Configure).


Selecting ‘Generate Xero Invoice’ will mean that hospoIQ will automatically generate daily invoices in your Xero organisation based on yesterday’s sales from your POS. By default, invoices are generated as Draft so that you can first review them in Xero before approving them and are set to be generated at 5 am each day. By default, if you have mapped tracking categories, invoices will be split up by location and site.

new configure title.PNG

You can also opt to generate a condensed invoice. A condensed invoice will only generate invoices based on the Invoice Types you set up below, and will include sales information for all locations and sites in the same invoice. To enable this option, simply select the 'Condensed Invoice' option that can be seen in the image above. 

Tracking Categories and Locations

If you imported any Tracking Categories when you connected your Xero account with hospoIQ, you will be able to map your tracking categories to locations. As mentioned above, this will enhance your invoices by splitting them up by location and site.

To do this, simply click the dropdown beside the Tracking Category name, and select the location that relates to the Tracking Category.


Looking at the above image, you can see that HospoIQ Cafe has been mapped with the 'Cafe' location and the HospoIQ Pizza Tracking Category has been linked with the Pizza Bar location. What this means means for you is that we will generate invoices for only HospoIQ Cafe and HospoIQ Pizza bar, all other options will be excluded from the invoice. 

You might want to temporarily disable invoices for a location. This can be achieved by simply clicking on the dropdown box besides the Tracking Location Name, e.g. HospoIQ Cafe, and select the 'None' option.

You are also able to enable/disable Tracking Categories. To do this, simply click the checkbox right beside to enable/disable the Tracking Category. This will provide a similar effect to selecting 'None' from the dropdown box, but will mean you won't need to remap the Tracking Categories should you decide you want to include them on your invoices again.

You will then need to specify the following further configuration for this option:



You must specify the mapping between the Category Groups (most commonly Food and Beverage) from your POS with the Accounts and Tax Types in Xero. Choosing the Tax Type here will determine how the tax is calculated in the generated invoice line and will not change the Tax Type for the Account in Xero (should they be different).  


If you decide you need to first change your Accounts setup in Xero before completing configuration here (eg, create new separate food and beverage accounts), see ‘Re-Sync Accounts’.  


Note that currently, hospoIQ only supports NZD Currency. 



Also specify the name of the invoice you would like particular payment types added to. If you would like two or more payment types to be summed into the same invoice, simply associate the same invoice name with both payment types (eg, 'EFTPOS' and 'MOBILEEFTPOS' are both associated with ‘Sales – EFTPOS’).

Note: If you are a group site, you will need to visit the 'Payment Types' page which can be found in the navigation to set up these invoices.

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