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Daily Cash Up's

Navigate to and login with your hospoIQ credentials.

From here, open the left hand menu and click 'Cash Up'.

Once at the Cash Up screen; you can select the Date and the Site Name you are entering values for. Also enter the name of the person entering the Cash Up values.

Now you can start counting and entering values. The totals will be calculated in the right hand column.

There are 4 different types of Cash Up values:

  • Currency: This is the count of the coins/notes not their value. i.e, if you have Ten 20 cent coins, then enter 10 into that column.

  • Other Types: By default, these are 'Petty Cash' and 'Cheques' but these can be adjusted and added to on request.

  • Payment Types: These are collected from your POS but you can manually add to these in the 'Payment Types' section located in the left hand menu.

  • Tips: This is the total amount of tips received for a location.

You can also enter any comments relating to the Cash Up at the top of the page.

Once completed, click 'Save' at the bottom right on your screen.

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