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Adding and Editing Daily Cash Ups

Navigate to and login with your hospoIQ credentials.

From here, open the left-hand menu and click 'Cash Up'.

daily cash up #1.png

To view or edit an existing Cash Up, first select the site at the top, then click on the date in the top left hand corner of the table. This will bring up a separate dialog page to view the Cash Up in more detail, including separate tabs for POS, Gaming, TAB and Notes. From here, you can then change the Date or Site at the top to choose a different Cash Up. Note that if the Cash Up for that day has already been published, then the Cash Up can only be viewed, and no longer edited.




To create a new Cash Up, instead select ‘NEW CASHUP’ at the very top. This again brings up the separate dialog page. Then choose the Site and the Date you are entering values for and also the name of the person entering the Cash Up values.


Cashups - edit.png
daily cash up #2.png
daily cash up #3.png

On the POS tab, you can start counting and entering values for each POS terminal on site. Firstly, select a POS under Terminals on the left-hand side. Then enter the initial Float and any Float Adjustments. Then the physical count of each denomination (eg, 12 x 10c = $1.20). The totals will be calculated in the right-hand column. Your total Cash Counted will then be displayed at the bottom of the count section. This will then produce a 'Variance' for your cash for that Terminal by comparing to the cash 'Expected', provided automatically by the POS itself.

Cashups - Cash counting.png

You can also enter any Tips that need to be accounted for as part of the cash counted.


You can also change how your tips are included as part of the Cash Up in the Configuration, prior to starting a Cash Up. This can be done by opening the left hand menu and click ‘Configuration’, which then gives the option to deduct tips from cash or include them.

daily cash up #7.png

The next step is to add the takings from your other Payment Types. This will then produce your Variance amount, comparing amounts entered versus POS numbers, just like in the cash counting section.


Note that, prior to running a Cash Up, you can add or delete Payment Types from “Payment Types” under Configuration on your menu bar if you wish to split out into types that aren't already loaded into your POS. You can also specify, per Payment Type, whether or not values are auto-populated from the POS or you prefer to verify and enter these amounts manually. Find out how here .

Cashups - payments.png

Next, in the Gaming tab, you can enter the Unclaimed Amount, Counted Coins and Notes for each of your gaming machines (if you have enabled the Gaming Integration - contact to know more)

Gaming Cashup.png

The next thing to fill out is the Notes tab. You can add as many Notes as required for different 'Types' (eg, Staff Issues, Maintenance, Complaints), Periods (eg, lunch, dinner) and Users. Simply enter values for all the fields, then click 'Add Note' and a new line item will appear at the bottom. Then click 'Save and Close' to add the notes to the Cash Up.

daily cash up #9.png

Next, in the TAB tab, you can cash up your TAB terminal as well as enter Sales, Payouts and Operator Balance.  To enable the TAB Cash Up, please see the configuration section

TAB CashUp.png

Once you have clicked ‘Save and Close’ on a new Cash Up you will be taken back to a page providing summary information, across POS, Gaming and TAB, including totals per Payment Type and your total variance for that Terminal.

Once you have finalised all the information for the selected date, you can click “PUBLISH” in the top right hand corner. By Publishing a Cash Up you are completing that Cash Up and you will no longer be able to edit that Cash Up.

daily cash up #8.png
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