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Daily Cash Up's

Navigate to and login with your hospoIQ credentials.

From here, open the left-hand menu and click 'Cash Up'.

Once at the Cash Up screen; you can select the Date and the Site Name you are entering values for and also the name of the person entering the Cash Up values.


Now you can start counting and entering values. The totals will be calculated in the right-hand column. Your Total Cash Will be displayed at the bottom of the count sections. This is the amount to be banked. This will then produce a variance for your cash for that Terminal and a total variance across all your terminals on the right side of the page.


The next step is to add the takings from your other payment types. You can add or delete payment types from the “Payment Types” tool on your menu bar. Find out how here . This will then produce your variance amounts just like in the cash counting section.


You can now enter any tips that you have accounted for. You can change how your tips are processed in the report configuration. Find out how here.


You will then find your “Grand Totals” which displays your total variance from that Terminal and your total variance for all terminals, across all payment types on the right side of the window.


The next thing to fill out is your “Manager’s Notes for the Day” section. Firstly, you need to input the name of the Duty Manager for each shift. This will act as your Duty Manager’s log which is required by the DLA. Then you can add any notes you have for particular shifts.

cashup 5.png

Then you can add any “Red Flags/Maintenance” issues. It is very important that you then hit “SAVE” in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Failure to do so will result in all the inputted data to be lost.