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Installing the hospoIQ Gateway

If you have an on-premises POS (as opposed to a cloud-based POS), to use hospoIQ, you will first need to install the ‘hospoIQ Gateway’ on your POS. The Gateway will create a connection between your POS and hospoIQ (which is a fully cloud-based solution). This will then enable data from your POS to be sent to the cloud and then appear in near real-time via PC browser or mobile through hospoIQ.

To setup the hospoIQ Gateway, firstly, make sure you are on the PC which houses the database for your POS (you may need to request this information from your POS support provider if you are unsure). Typically, this is your main till, or a PC in your back office.

Once you are on the correct PC, open a web browser (eg, Chrome, Internet Explorer), go to , and then click 'Free Trial' in the top right of the screen. From here, enter the required information (including your email address; make sure to remember this as you will need to enter the same email address if you are a new user, when working through the installer), click to agree to the terms and conditions, then click 'Download Free Trial'.

You will then see a ‘Thanks for Downloading’ page appear with instructions.

Wait a few seconds for the download to complete, then click on the download, which should appear in the bottom left-hand corner of your browser. Or alternatively, you should find the installer in your ‘Downloads’ folder (called ‘HospoIQ Gateway Installer’).

You may get a message in your browser when the download finishes, such as the one below. Ignore this and click on the up arrow to the right and click ‘Keep’.

Also, when opening the installer, you may then encounter the following dialog: ‘Windows protected your PC’. Click on ‘More info’ and then ‘Run anyway’.

The installer will then appear. Click on ‘Start Installation Process’ to begin.

If you have installed the hospoIQ Gateway on a previous machine (ie, a different site) and wish to have access to multiple sites in your hospoIQ reporting, login with the credentials previously provided to you.

Otherwise, click on ‘Don’t have an account? Click here’. You will then be asked to provide your name and an email address (ensuring it’s the same one entered when you downloaded the installer from the website) and then create an account.


Next, enter the name of your ‘Site’ (eg, bar, restaurant, café), select your POS from the drop-down list, as well as your Country or Region.

The installer will then automatically look for the POS database on the machine you are currently on (based on the typical locations for the specified POS). If it can’t find the database, a message will appear at the bottom: ‘Couldn’t auto-connect to the chosen POS software. Please select the file manually’. If this occurs, please double-check that you are installing the gateway on the correct machine. Otherwise, please email to get direct assistance.

Otherwise, if the POS database is successfully located, you will get the following page. Click on ‘Install’ – the installation should take a few seconds to complete.

Once the installation is finished, you will be taken to the next page, to commence a one-off historic data upload from your POS to hospoIQ. The date will default to 13 months prior to today (the recommended period of time). This ensures that you will be able to see sales last year when looking at last week or last month.

The installer will then say its ‘Finishing Up’ and then ‘Setup complete’.

A few minutes later, you will receive an email (ie, to the address you provided during the download) from hospoIQ which will provide you with your new hospoIQ credentials. You can use these credentials to login to your reports via and/or via the Power BI mobile app. For more details on next steps, go to our ‘Getting Started’ Help Guide (

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