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"It's all about having knowledge about my business at my fingertips" Sheena Hemens, Maison De Crepes


After much research, product testing and hard work, Maison de Crepes opened a temporary kiosk at ‘The Colombo’ in June 2016, and in February 2017, owner Sheena Hemens opened her first permanent creperie in Carlton Courts, Merivale, Christchurch, then in March 2019 opened her second creperie in the busy St Asaph Street.


“We are accessing it from different devices, it means all sorts of our people are trying it.

During set up - they asked good questions. And delivery was quite timely.”

Vieceli Hospitality Ltd currently oversees the operations for six individual bar brands in the greater Christchurch area. Each bar operates as its own distinct unit under the umbrella of the parent company. 

We spoke with Administration Manager, Debby Rosevear about Viecelli’s decision to integrate HospoIQ into their diverse operational infrastructure. 

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